about lalitha

Welcome! My name is Lalitha Vasudevan and I am an Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Communication, Media, and Learning Technologies Design Program at Teachers College, Columbia University. Much of my work for the past 20 years has explored the intersection of adolescent literacies, media and technologies, youth culture, and juvenile justice. I engage participatory, ethnographic, and multimodal methodologies to study how youth craft stories, represent themselves, and enact ways of knowing through their engagement with literacies, technologies, and media. More information about my current work can be found under the projects tab, on my blog, and occasionally on my twitter feed.  Details about courses I teach can be found under the courses tab and also on my faculty page.

A bit more background… For over twenty years, I have worked as a researcher, educator, and collaborator with adolescents in a variety of settings, and with court-involved youth in particular. I have conducted a variety of studies with court-involved youth including: a longitudinal, ethnographic study with youth in an alternative to incarceration program; an oral history based qualitative research project with young men at Rikers Island; and an ongoing multi-sited study of participatory, arts-based, multimedia storytelling with adolescents at afterschool program located in an alternative to detention program. In addition to working with court-involved youth, I explore the pedagogical practices of inclusive and special education teachers, the literacy and identity practices of middle school adolescents inside classroom settings, and the multimodal literacy and media engagements of adolescent boys. I have co-edited two volumes that explore the intersections of youth, media, and education: Media, Learning, and Sites of Possibility and Arts, Media, and Justice: Multimodal Explorations with Youth (both published with Peter Lang), and I’m currently writing a book about education, multimodal play, and belonging in the lives of court-involved youth.

You can learn more about my work in the tabs above, including some recent media that highlights some of the work that my research team and I have been engaged in over the past several years.


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