reimagining futures: an arts-based collaborative curriculum project with adolescents

The Re-imagining Futures Digital Arts & Literacies Project builds on successful multimedia and narrative practices to engage adolescents as proficient users of multimedia tools and practices as they learn to weave together traditional and media literacy skills. The goal is to find ways to build on the knowledge and existing literacies of the adolescents with whom we work while providing opportunities for them to develop digital proficiencies that are crucial for meaningful citizenship and academic achievement in the current educational climate.

Current Project Team:

  • Min Cho
  • Katie Newhouse
  • Kristine Rodriguez Kerr (PostDoc)
  • Ahram Park
  • Anna Pizarro
  • Cristina Salazar Gallardo
  • Lalitha Vasudevan (PI)

Past Team Members:

  • Lydia Browne
  • Eric Fernandez
  • Melanie Hibbert

Related publications:


  • Robert Bowne Foundation, Edmund A. Stanley, Jr. Research Grant. (2010). Re-imagining Futures Digital Arts and Literacies Project.
  • Zankel Urban Fellow Internships. (2009, 2010, 2011)

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